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Gamestorm is soon

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Gamestorm is in Vancouver, WA at the Hilton
Thursday March 25 to Sunday March 28
301 W 6th St. Vancouver, WA

Come by the Indy Hurricane booth!
Play in a game with Brian as the GM!

Brian St.Claire-King
Creative Diretcor, Vajra Enterprises
Brian King

* Website:


Brian St.Claire-King is the author of the RPGs Fates Worse Than Death, Tibet, In Dark Alleys and co-author of KidWorld and Hoodoo Blues.

Sessions for this user

[Indie] Are We Not Born Free? (Hoodoo Blues the RPG)
1850: A group of slaves set out to escape their plantation, pursued by a not-quite-human overseer. 2005: Those same escapees have come together to help a group of Katrina refugees escape a flooded town. Will the tragedies of the past be repeated?

Brian St.Claire-King
[Indie] The Floor is Made of Lava (KidWorld the RPG)
You go to save some kids being held prisoner in a big farmhouse. But before you can go in, they warn you that the floor is made of lava. And they have the burns on their feet to prove it. Characters provided by GM.

Go Play SE Portland #17, December 6th

The next Go Play SE Portland will be on Saturday December 6th at Guardian Games. You can find all the info below. Sign up for a game by posting here!



Go Play SE PDX 17 Update:

Location: Guardian Games

Date: December 6th

Tentative start time: 5pm

Food and Drinks: Bring food to share. Support Guardian by purchasing their drinks and snacks!


Don't Rest Your Head (facilitated by Arcana) Players: Icyravens

Cannibal Contagion (facilitated by Nathanial)  Players: Nick

Ocean (facilitated by Jake))

Go Play Portland 11

Willem has taken over organizing Go Play Portland 11. Here's his post from the Go Play PDX forum detailing the event:

What: 11 hours of story gaming madness. Bring your own story games to host, or come to play someone else's game.

When: Saturday, June 28th 2008, 12pm - 11pm.

Where: the Scout Pit, 5040 SE Milwaukie Portland OR (around back, lower parking lot entrance).

Help!: We need folding card tables and other kinds of tables. We have loads of chairs, but only one table.

Cost: I've brought the price down to $5/person at the door, with the implication that enough of us will show up (hopefully 30 peeps or more?) that the space will still cover its costs. Normally the Pit charges an hourly rate of $25, just so you know the scale in mind. Knowing this, please come and bring all the story gamers you can lay your hands on so that we can make the Pit hosts happy and keep this event going monthly!

In other words: come immerse yourself in stories with us. Duty and honor compels you.

Food and logistics: We have a kitchen for food prep, including a fridge, propane stove, espresso coffee machine, normal coffee maker, lots of cups, plates, silverware etc. Bring appropriate comestibles.

Please RSVP to me, Willem, as soon as possible, so I don't chew my fingernails off. mythic dot cartographer at gmail  dot com.

Go Play SE Portland 9

Hi. Go Play SE Portland 9 is Saturday the 23rd.  I'd like to return to the old system where we have everyone sign up to play something before the actual night.

So far the games we have on schedule are:

Bliss Stage (Jake): Joel, Annie, Joel's brother., Skull This game is full

Dogs in the Vineyard (waiting to be confirmed, Nick): no players yet

Does anyone else want to volunteer to run a  game or suggest a game that could be run?

I'm going to ask that if you plan to come, please sign up for a game before hand. Try to avoid just showing up without signing up for a game first, please.

Likewise, if you volunteer to run a game and no one signs up for it, don't show up expecting to run it. Instead, why not sign up to play a different game?

I want Go Play SE Portland to be the kind of event where everyone shows up already signed to play something. recently people have just been showing up without signing up to play, and this creates a lot of confusion, and often means there's not enough space for everyone.

I open the doors at 4pm. Contact me off list for directions ( We usually do a shared dinner around 5pm, and start gaming around 6pm. Feel free to bring food and drinks to share.


Go Play PDX Nov. 10!

Hey, everyone! I notice that the date for the next Go Play is fast approaching, and i'm not seeing a lot of feedback on games and stuff. So consider this a kick in the rear. I'm running Shadow of Yesterday, and so far have only one player signed up. Anyone else running any games? Let's get the signups going!

Travis and others have put a lot of work into the new Go Play PDX site, so let's all post our gaming plans there:

I already have a post up about my TSoY game.


Shadow of Yesterday for Go Play November!

Hi, everyone. I'm already pretty certain I want to run a Shadow of Yesterday game for the next Go Play PDX gathering. So I thought I'd give everyone a jump on things by soliciting players and giving them a little info. Actually a LOT of info: about the entire Shadow of Yesterday  text has been entered into the TSoY Wiki.

So! In this thread let me know if you're interested in playing (I can take up to 5, 4 is probably more comfortable; I know a couple of folks have already expressed interest verbally, but go ahead and make it official here). Then check out the Wiki, particularly the Setting information, the "World of Near" and subsequent chapters. You don't have to read in any depth, just skim and poke around and tell me what grabs you about the setting. Particularly, what cultures and locales look fun or cool or interesting? This'll give me a good idea of where to set our game, and do the appropriate prep to hit the ground running with awesome Situation. OK? Then let's go!